"We were all extremely impressed with Christian's drive, passion, and focus. I would have no hesitation to recommend Christian wholeheartedly to any future employers" 

- Simon Poole, Audio Director of Funcom (Age of Conan, The Secret World, Lego Minifigures)

Wings of the Dragon VR

Composer, Sound Designer


The player embodies an ancient dragon flying over the elaborate landscapes of a fantasy island. The experience is developed for HTC Vive. 

The sound design includes the heavy leathery beating of the Dragon´s wings, the dragons low breaths and growls. The latter are created by using my own recordings of Elephants from the Timbavati reserve in South Africa. 


Composer, Sound Designer


SINE RIDER is an endless runner. The player rides a sine wave and tries to avoid obstacles by changing the frequency of the of wave. 

To match the aesthetics of the game, the music is a loop of electronica featuring a pulsing sine wave bass and a steady deep beat. Synths chords and a plucked guitar contribute with a more playful atmosphere. 

The sound design consists of synth notes that give feedback to the player on impact with the obstacles. These are designed to be in key with the music track to enhance the musicality of the game, but also stand out in terms of timbre so as to be distinctly separable from the music. A pitch drop signals game over when the final life is lost.  

Game Audio Internship

I interned with AAA Game developer Funcom and learned the ropes of Interactive Sound Design from Audio Director Simon Poole and Sound Designer Arild Iversen. During my stay, I worked on the following titles: 
The Secret World - The Fall of Tokyo Pack
Dialogue selection, Audio Editing, Foley Assistant 
Lego Minifigures
SFX Design, Voice Actor, Recording Assistant, Game Testing with focus on audio interaction. 
"Christian spent 2 weeks with us at Funcom as an Audio Intern during the summer of 2014. During this time he created sound effects, produced music, and tested our products for us. 
We were all extremely impressed with Christian's drive, passion, and focus with all the tasks he performed. We found him to be a very good communicator, open and receptive to all feedback, who picked up new information and concepts quickly. 

I would have no hesitation to recommend Christian wholeheartedly to any future employers, and have no doubt he would be a great asset on any team to bring him aboard" 

- Simon Poole, Audio Director of Funcom (Age of Conan, The Secret World, Lego Minifigures)

Paranoid Micro.Org

Composer, Sound Designer

A 3D game prototype produced in 8 hours at the October 2016 MiniGameJam in Berlin. The player is a micro organism in a fluid environment, trying to stay alive by avoiding the attacks of the predatory viruses. You swim through a myriads of neutral organisms trying to find food, while the threat of being devoured is ever present. 

The ambience for the game is comprised of atmospheric liquid sounds, which are muffled to achieve and under water effect. All organisms where given underwater swimming sounds, triggered independently as they move around the player.  The sound of the player absorbing food is wet and sticky, and has been treated with effects to place the action inside the fluid world. 

Bloodrite OST

Composer, Sound Designer

Adaptive Soundtrack for Bloodrite, a top down, psychological horror survival game that pits the player against various enemies in a dark forest. The player eventually confronts the demon, the final boss of the game. Composed, produced and mixed during 48 hours at as Global Game Jam 16 at Edinburgh Napier Jam Site.

The middle and end of the track showcase the demon laughter sound design created for the project.  The music is adaptive, with different sections of music accompanying each state of the game. The states had two layers, ordinary level/boss and ordinary/imminent danger. The calmer beats were used for ordinary gameplay, while the more intense ones used when confronting the boss. The lighter guitar sections were used for the  ordinary danger states, providing light casual gameplay background. Soundscape bass enters when the state switches to imminent danger.  For the OST these music sections where mixed together to form a developing tracks. 

Field Recording

sounds from interesting places.
Timbavati - African Animals
In late December 2016/ early January this year, I did field recordings of the animals in Timbavati wildlife reserve in South Africa. I was lucky to capture the sounds of a herd of Elehpants, a pride of Lions, Rhinos, Zebras, Giraffes and countless birds.
Kalvøya - Ice Impacts on Frozen Lake
The winter of 2016, I brought my field recording kit out to Kalvøya, a small island just off of Sandvika (Norway).