with Trumpet, Live Electronics and Percussion

album process

The practice run-up and recording of early sketches towards my first full length soundscape album has started.

For the past 7 years, I have been improvising soundscapes using trumpet and live electronics. First mainly with a Kaoss pad effects sampler,  but the past two years the process has transitioned to centre around interactive computer performance systems. 

I started collecting sounds from places I found to hold significance. The Waves of the North Sea at Stangnes where I  spent my summers growing up, the rumblings of rocks thrown around in Krikken, a nearby WWII bunker. The river up in the mountains at Ustaoset.

Traveling, I picked up percussion. A Chinese chau gong in Singapore, a  Paranaku daiko drum in Japan, Tsonga drums in South Africa. In these places, there were also sounds. The bell of  Hwaseong fortress in South Korea, the rumble of the Elephants in Timbavati, South Africa.  

I wish to combine all these elements into a story of emotions and places, using building blocks composed, and with the story told through improvisation.