"We were all extremely impressed with Christian's drive, passion, and focus. I would have no hesitation to recommend Christian wholeheartedly to any future employers"  - 

Simon Poole, Audio Director of Funcom (Age of Conan, The Secret World, Lego Minifigures)

Adaptive Music
for Games, VR and
New media.

Wings of the Dragon VR

Composer, Sound Designer


The player embodies an ancient dragon flying over the elaborate landscapes of a fantasy island. The experience is developed for HTC Vive. 

Orchestral music with string, brass and a solo trumpet was chosen to capture the epic nature of the game. It is split into two major sections, the Flying theme and the Mountain theme. The Flying theme uses bright sustained strings in major chords and improvised phrases on airy trumpet in order to create an uplifting and calm feeling. The Mountain theme is majestic, a slow melody in low brass supported by cellos and double bass. This is accompanied by the deep and steady thunder of Japanese Taiko drums.

The music is designed to be adaptive, with the Mountain theme fading in as the player approaches the mountain ranges of the island. 

The sound design includes the heavy leathery beating of the Dragon´s wings, the dragons low breaths and growls. The latter are created by using my own recordings of Elephants from the Timbavati reserve in South Africa. 


Composer, Sound Designer


SINE RIDER is an endless runner. The player rides a sine wave and tries to avoid obstacles by changing the frequency of the of wave. 

To match the aesthetics of the game, the music is a loop of electronica featuring a pulsing sine wave bass and a steady deep beat. Synths chords and a plucked guitar contribute with a more playful atmosphere. 

Paranoid Micro.Org

Composer, Sound Designer


The player is a micro organism in a fluid environment, trying to stay alive by avoiding the attacks of the predatory viruses. You swim through a myriads of neutral organisms trying to find food, while the threat of being devoured is ever present. 

The soundtrack was improvised with trumpet and live electronics. The fragile melody is set against a deep bass to emphasize that the player is a small creature aimlessly swimming around in a huge environment.  Harsh noises build as the threats increase and the paranoia takes hold. 

The Diver

Rehabilitation Game for Kids

Composer, Sound Designer

The soundtrack for a post-surgery rehabilitation game for kids. The Game is designed for tablet and patients control the diver with physical motion. The kids perform their rehabilitation exercises by gathering the treasures of the sea, getting better and having fun at the same time.

The music was composed in consultation with professional music therapist Hilde Kirkerud. It is designed to be light hearted and playful, distracting the kids from discomfort of their exercises. With a steady mid-tempo, it is easy to coordinate movement to the music. It is also slightly mysterious, as the kids explore the mysteries of the sea. Heroic horns and build ups encourage the kids to keep going.

Bloodrite OST

Composer, Sound Designer

Adaptive Soundtrack for Bloodrite, a top down, psychological horror survival game that pits the player against various enemies in a dark forest. The player eventually confronts the demon, the final boss of the game.

The music is adaptive, with different sections of music accompanying each state of the game. The states had two layers, ordinary level/boss and ordinary/imminent danger. The calmer beats were used for ordinary gameplay, while the more intense ones used when confronting the boss. The lighter guitar sections were used for the  ordinary danger states, providing light casual gameplay background. Soundscape bass enters when the state switches to imminent danger.  For the OST these music sections where mixed together to form a developing tracks.  The middle and end of the track showcases the demon laughter sound design created for the project.  

Rosette of Pliska

Composer, Sound Designer

Rosette of Pliska is Turn-based Strategy game filled with rich story dating back to medieval fantasy times, where magic was primal and sacrificial rituals were made in order to please the mystical forces. There are different kinds beliefs in magic. Shamanism, Druidism, Dark magic, Voodoo were the main beliefs. But once a druid from the town of Pliska decided to oppose against the human sacrifices. However, the most powerful wielders of the other forces decided to destroy him. In this turn-based game you use the natural powers of runes to counter the powerful spells of the casters, determined to destroy your town or remove all belief in your power. The battle awaits...


The music is designed to be a looping background track, providing a  background score to the game. Dark drums and double bass combined with sparse modal melodies in cello and viola provides a medieval tone to the game. 

Ancient World Soundtrack

The soundtrack was written, produced and mixed in the course of two days during my Audio Internship with AAA Game Developer Funcom (Age of Conan, The Secret World) in 2014. The assignment from Audio Director Simon Poole was to create a soundtrack for the Dinosaur Level of a children's game. Deep percussion, dark strings and modal harmonies create a mysterious world, while the simple melody on kalimba makes the track playful. Airy trumpet and throat singing takes the second part of the track into a more ominous state.