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 "I was greatly impressed by his ability to grasp the mood of the project and elaborate on that fluidly through his music."


- Anton Kudryashov, Director of Outer Limit Productions

When composing for film and stage,  I strive to create sound palettes that reflect the narrative world and the characters in it, making each piece of music  belong inside the universe of the story.

The Game We Play

Short Film

Audio Director, Composer

The Game We Play is a short film directed by Marc-Aurèle Otto Palla.

It won the spotlight award at the Elevation Indie Film Awards, and was part of the official selection for Cardiff International Film Festival. 

The Mannequins

Short Film


Score for horror short film at the University of Southern California MFA Film programme.

Directed and written by Di Wu.
Produced and Edited by Anton Kudrov


Short Film

Audio Director, Composer

Half-drama half gothic horror directed by Anton Kudrov. 


Stage Play

Composer, Soundscape Designer

Award-Winning play written by Jennifer Haley. The Scottish premiere of the play was staged by Theatre Paradok and directed by Vlada Nebo. 


The story involves several complex and multifaceted characters, which all got their own musical treatment as opening statements to the different scenes. As the story unfolded, these themes interacted and developed. 


Key to the soundscape and music was also the transition between the dystopian real world, and the utopian virtual reality realm the Hideaway. The dystopian city scape was created by layering and processing field recordings captured on the  underground and main roads of Berlin. The soundscape for the Nether on the other hand,   featured birdsong and rustling of leaves. But the soothing soft digital introduction gradually breaks apart as the realm reveals its true nature.

Jeff & Lisa Vs. Season1& 2

Web Series

Audio Director, Composer

On Jeff+Lisa Vs. the three composers in Outer Limit Production took turns scoring the episodes. We worked to give the music a consistent theme throughout, and at the same time make room for individual style differences in each episode. When scoring the episode, each composer reworked and built on material from Kit Willmott´s opening theme, adapting it to his personal style.

I composed music for several episodes of the series including the extended Season 2 Finale.

Season 2 Finale - Jeff & Lisa Vs. the Finale


Season 2 Episode 2 - Jeff & Lisa Vs. Photocide

Season 1 Episode 4 - Jeff & Lisa Vs. Santa      


Short Film

Audio Director, Composer, Music Producer


Brainfood is a Indie Zombie Short film.  The film takes place 10 years after the Zombie apocalypse, and the zombies go on with dead life quite similar to mundane working humans. Everything is falling apart, is a bit broken and this is reflected in a slightly distorted popular music palette. However, there are also more serious undertones emphasized by piano and strings. I produced and co-composed the score for the film. 

"I was impressed with Christian's resourcefulness in finding instrumentalists and fellow composers to aid him in creating the soundtrack. It was also a pleasure to work with him creatively on a soundtrack which not only sounded good but also creatively incorporated the film's themes."  

- Anton Kudryashov, Director of Outer Limit Productions


Improvised score for Silent Film 

Soundscape Improviser, Co-composer

A collaboration with Yati Durant, Professor in Film Composition at the Reid School of Music, University of Edinburgh. We explored electroacoustic performance systems and improvisation to the 1922 silent film Häxan.  We improvised several scores to the film, and the collaboration culminated in a live score improvisation in the Reid Music Hall in Edinburgh,  organized  by New Media Scotland. 

Concert Pictures by Chris Donia 


The Fastest Draw



A Western themed skit pinning the champions agains each other in a drawing contest. The score draws on influences from classic westerns, especially Ennio Morricone´s The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Spectator Trailer



Orchestral Trailer Soundtrack composed for Outer Limit Productions.  The Spectator is a mock trailer taking an ironic pass at overblown Hollywood storylines. The track features a full film score orchestra with strings, horns and epic percussion. 

Previously on



A collection of 'Previously On' segments from a series of fictional TV shows. Real Police Investigations is a take on crime shows, with tension music in reverberated piano and strings. Smug Bastards on Camera 4 parodies drama reality shows introduced with a cheesy house beat. Forbidden Spanish Lovers is a take on soaps featuring the guitar music of Søren "Snap" Schnitler of Rusty Diamond.  Taking the Mick is a  sitcom with a Seinfeld style bass track, while The Dubbed Adventures of Karate Jane  is a kung-fu parody scored with chinese drums and shakuhachi inspired trumpet playing. Extreme Patriotic Justice is a take on agent shows like 24, and the music features distorted electric guitar and strings.

This is She



When real life turns into a horror movie what rules should you follow? This is She is a skit parodying the clichés of horror films and combining it with the scariest idea of them all: your ex meeting your current girlfriend.

© 2017 by Christian Aalby Svalesen

Photo by Martin Aalby Svalesen