What is the sound of your brand?

“... the video [from OLP] was instrumental in bringing new publicity to our Facebook page and winning new members over to our club” 

- President of the Edinburgh University Amateur Boxing Club

I create music and sound design that captures the values of your brand and resonates with your target customers. To do this, I draw on background in Musicology combined with education and experience in Digital Marketing. 

University of Edinburgh Amateur Boxing Club 

Sports Ad



A promo for The Edinburgh University Amateur Boxing Club which was used as part of a Facebook promotion campaign to recruit new members to the club.

The soundtrack uses heavy rock drums and bass guitar to set a tough tone. It then breaks into a percussion driven underscore for the action driven sparring sequences where the drums are layered to provide both drive and energy to the scenes. Major hits are synced with the punches of the boxers, emphasizing the heat of the training. 

Steve´s Back. Campaign Ad



An ad for Steve Morrison´s 2015  campaign for Rector of the University of Edinburgh which was part of a series of ads produced by Outer Limit Productions for his campaign.  Steve Morrison von the election and is the current Rector of the University. 

Though addressing legitimate student concerns, the video has a certain tongue-in-cheeck feel. The music is therefore overtly dramatic and heroic, heavily inspired by Strauss music used in 2001: A Space Odyssey.