Co-Composer, Trumpet Player

Collaborative composition project with composer and pianist Devon Elizabeth Barnett. 

Devon Elizabeth Barnett is a BMus student at Reid School of Music, focusing on traditional music cultures and ethnomusicological research. She has studied the musical cultures of East Asia, with special emphasis on Korean and Japanese traditional music. 


In the summer of 2016, they  travelled to Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea to carry out research on the local music culture.


The piece was composed for the Edinburgh  University Composers Orchestra and performed live at their chamber concert in the spring of 2016. 


Yo-sen is a scale used in Japanese shakuhachi music. The piece combines harmonies and melodies derived from this scale, with rhythms from the percussion ensembles of Korean court music. When playing rhythmically, the strings, vibraphone and piano takes the role of pitched percussion with multiple overlaying rhythmical figures. The open improvised sections are ment to evoke associations of Japanese and Korean mountainous landscapes.